Festival of Stocks - February 5, 2007

Welcome to the February 5, 2007 edition of festival of stocks.

Sean Hackbarth says AirTran is Trying to Get Midwest for Cheap.

Paul Smith analyzes "the effect of Magazine tips when used in combination with Fundamental Analysis."

makingourway tackles the challenge of all bad choices in selecting 401k options with Merrill Lynch.

Larry Russell says Most individuals are poor investment portfolio managers

For all the time and effort that many individuals put into stock picking, you would hope that their economic wages would be very high for this activity. Sadly, the opposite seems to be true for most individual investors.

TJP analyzes the investment potential of Crocs (CROX), the hottest footwear company in the U.S in, Crocs: Own A Pair and Buy Some Shares.

wcsinvestor explains, in Reasoning about Two Sub-prime Lenders, how Sub-Prime Lenders can be a good investment.

"Not all sub-prime lenders are doomed. I go through a reasoning exercise to explain why Nicholas Financial and CompuCredit are good investments."

Paul Smith presents Quick Analysis of 0 -10c stocks with PE under 10.

Matthew Paulson presents The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Mutual Funds.

Scott Lee presents Become a Rock Star of Business.

TJP presents 3 Australian Uranium Stocks You Should Know.

H.S. Ayoub presents biotech stocks, news, commentary - BioHealth Investor.

H.S. Ayoub presents Government Contract Could Set Hollis-Eden Stock Soaring.

Travis Johnson presents Doubly Pinky Promise from Blackboard (BBBB):

"Blackboard (BBBB) angered a lot of its customers by trying to enforce a surprisingly broad patent ... now its promising to let open source competition move forward. What does that mean for this near-monopoly software provider?"

Bryan C. Fleming presents Million Dollar Savings Club Update: Week 5.

Brian Schumacher presents Charts of the Week - CLRT and AZL.

George presents Sally Beauty Holdings Question:

"Some thoughts on whether Sally Beauty will be added to a major index and whether the stock has already been dumped by the Big money."

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Festival of Stocks

I am very happy to announce that I will be hosting the "Festival of Stocks" on February 5th here. Please send in your nominations through comments on this post, by email (ahanwadi-at-gmail.com) or through this form at BlogCarnival. You can nomination your own posts also. I am hosting this carnival for the first time and look forward to receiving great posts!

The current edition of the carnival is being hosted by One Guy's Investments blog.

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Blog Mela

Sorry for the delay in posting the Blog Mela. I was very busy at work this week and couldn't get around to compile the Mela. Without much further ado, I present the Blog Mela:

Last week, Karthik, at etcetera, has presented the Blog Mela Redux.

Sibin Mohan talks about how the economic situation affects universities, and in particular graduate students, in his post on "The economics of Academics".

He also reviews the wonderful movie, Hazaron Khwahishein Aisi.

Jo presents her first duet, the song Suttum vizhi from the Tamil movie, Ghajini. I am fan of Tamil Music and this one brought back memories at the IIT Chennai. The song is beautifully done and even if you don't understand Tamil, you will still enjoy the beautiful voices of Jo and Meera and ofcourse the beautiful music.

Cynical Nerd dissects the Indo-US nuclear deal and points out that only with a forward-leaning anda bold approach can India break the monopoly on the Uranium supplies.

Jaffna focuses on the Inner Mongolia at the Secular-Right India. 

Nitin Pai, in the Preventing the proliferation of air-conditioner, takes pot-shots at New York Times stunningly clueless editorial on Indo-US nuclear deal.

neelakantan, at interim thoughts..., presents The moped, mobile phone and the micro entrepreneur.

Law Professor Susan Scafidi at Counterfeit Chic, in a post titled, Whose Sari Now?,  talks about how Orissa govt is taking steps to protect its unique and indigenous textile designs.

That's it for this week. Enjoy your weekend. Next week's Blog Mela will be hosted by the Vulturo.

Call for Nomination for Blog Mela

Yours truly will be hosting the next Blog Mela on February the 23rd. Please send in your nominations through email at ahanwadi -at- gmail -dot- com, or you can send your nominations by posting a comment. Also, you can use BlogCarnival's form to submit your nominations. Rules are pretty simple:

  • Only posts authored by Indians or relevant to India will be accepted
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Bharateeya Blog Mela

I apologize for being late, but I am very excited to present the latest edition of the Bharateeya Blog Mela here. The posts are on variety of subjects and are generally of good quality. So enjoy!

Fascinated by its claim that Thiyyas were from Kyrgyzstan, JK reviews a Malayalam book, Lankaparvam by T. Damu, about the history of Sri Lanka.

Neelakantan is sure that the free markets/capitalism is the right way for India.

"Inspire by Fear"? 

Nilu thinks that freedom is an end in itself and does not want to associate himself with the libertarians who argue that free markets reduce poverty.

Ujval Gandhi worries about the sorry state of National Parks in India and argues that handing them over to corporations will not only help their preservation but also make them a tourist attraction.

Is the world over-dependent on the Saudi oil? arZan's concern is shared by many as is evidenced by the New York Times article he cites. It is interesting that these concerns are being voiced at a time oil prices are not anywhere near the record high reached during the oil shock of 1980:

The price of light, sweet crude oil on NYMEX has been above $40/barrel since late July 2004. By August 11, 2005, the price had been above $60/barrel for over a week and a half. A record price of $67.70/barrel was reached on August 25, 2005. While oil prices are considerably higher than a year ago, they are still far from exceeding the inflation-adjusted "peak of the 1980 shock, when prices were over $90 a barrel in today’s prices" [2].

A peek inside a dangerous mind. Root cause of terrorism, anyone?

Santosh Singh points out that one cannot call somebody egoist without being one him/herself.

Some rather aggressive ideas about anti-hijacking policies from Saket Vaidya, some of which he had to retract later in the comments.

PZ Myers takes on anti-evolutionist Deepak Chopra in this excellent post. But if you think that you are a fierce Darwinist, read this.

Rakesh Chaudhary asks "Who framed Mangal Pandey?" Aren't all our leaders made of legends?

Vinay posts summary of the book, Economic Freedom & Development, by Prof. Wolfgang Kasper.

Sujatha narrates her experience in a very delightfuly written post with self-explainatory title, Halfway Around the World With a Toddler in Tow.

Sourin Rao's advice about the FOB desi caricatures: ‘Jaane bhi do yaaron. Ab Dil pe maat le yaar. This too shall pass.’

After being frustrated with a boring orientation session at the Texas A&M university, Patrix is much satisfied with the session on the next day.

Leave it to the Gawker to turn an boring wait into a interesting post. Thanks to Seinfield, "about nothing" has become sellable.

Some very interesting male and female definitions contrasted by Sakshi.

Sakshi also posts an informative writeup by Suicide Girls about the growing popularity of Femidom, the female condom in developing countries.

"Angrezi film desi naam" by Sakshi.

After trashing Barista  for their poor Cawfee quality, Saad Akhtar  gives a detailed (with pictures too) Recipe for making South Indian coffee in North India.

Karthik is angry with the government for always going for the short-term populist "solutions". For all those who still expect something from the government, I just have one question, why?

"Dont Hijack My Religion and Culture", arzan sam wadia in response to call for a new universal temple of worship for Zoroastrians, not necessarily Parsis.

Kiruba supports buying pirated books and people disagree in the comments.

Raven thinks partition of India was not worth it.

Raven illustrates the cultural thievery through an example of the Indian Cross and Circle game Pachisi.

The Bharateeya Blog Mela will be hosted by Sunil at Balancing Life .

Navin is Miffed at India's economy being overly coupled to US.

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