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June 09, 2007



Hi. My name is Eugene Gershin. I'd like to welcome you to Obadiah Shoher's blog, Samson Blinded: A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict.

Obadiah is a pen name of a politician. He writes extremely controversial articles about Israel, the Middle East politics, and terrorism.

Obadiah advocates political rationalism instead of moralizing. He is economic liberal and political conservative.

Google refused advertising our site and Amazon deleted reviews of Obadiah's book. Nevertheless, Obadiah’s is the largest Jewish personal blog, read by more than 100,000 people monthly. 210,000 people from 81 countries downloaded Obadiah’s book. The blog was voted the best overall in People’s Choice: Jewish and Israeli blogs Awards, received Webby Honoree and other awards.

Please help us spread Obadiah's message, and mention the blog in one of your posts, or link to us. We would greatly appreciate your comments at www.samsonblinded.org/blog

Best wishes,

Eugene Gershin

Jewrusalem.net – Israeli Uncensored News

Conal Elliott


I think you're missing a "return" at the very start of your example. Or, define

    given target = return ()
and use
    given >>- "test.c" ->> ccompile >>- ...
or whatever name you like in place of "given".

Neil Mitchell

Very cool, I've wanted a DSL for Make in Haskell for a while. If you turn this into a fully fledged system (say about 60 lines ;) let me know!

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