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What would Gandhi Really Do?

WHAT WOULD GANDHI DO? Fred Thompson thinks Code Pink's sanctimonious question is actually reprehensible.

During World War II, Gandhi penned an open letter to the British people, urging them to surrender to the Nazis. Later, when the extent of the holocaust was known, he criticized Jews who had tried to escape or fight for their lives as they did in Warsaw and Treblinka. “The Jews should have offered themselves to the butcher’s knife,” he said. “They should have thrown themselves into the sea from cliffs.” “Collective suicide,” he told his biographer, “would have been heroism.”

Source: Instapundit.com -

But then, there is this!

At the beginning of the Second World War he demanded independence as India's price for helping Britain during the war.

Source: BBC News | World | The life and death of Mahatma Gandhi

So, what if British had agreed to Gandhi's price? I bet when he meant India will help Britain during the war, he was not merely talking about moral support.

Wouldn't his actions (or offer of action) be more relevant here? After all, the question was not what Gandhi would have said but what he would have done!



interesting post. gandhi was inspired greatly by the gita. you can read about it at http://www.gitananda.org/about-gita/index.php

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