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March 08, 2007


Save Homeowners

Housing bubble or not it costed a lot of people a lot of money. When I bought my home in 2006 my loan officer told me that they will refinance me after 12 months is over. I called them back they simply said I do not qualify. I also try cancelling my loan with them in the first week but I could not get a hold of anyone. About 2 months ago I got a call from US Homeowners Assistance. My original rate was at 8.25% they were able to negotiate with my bank and now its 5.5 fixed. US Homeowenrs Assitance told me that I had been a victim of predatory lending and that they were able to show my lend that and now they are working even reducing my balance. Thank go for them. I had contacted many people to fix my problem because I could not afford the payment. But it seems the goverment is finally doing something about it. I will post their address if anyone needs help.

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