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Happiness by Command

Bhutan's Govt. claims to manage the lives of its people for greater happiness! Sounds more like prison to me!

Last year the BBC visited the landlocked Himalayan region, paying a visit to a country that only recently legalized the use of TV broadcasting and Internet service.[2]

Throughout the segment, viewers learn that residents of this country live in a Hollywood-esque feudal culture, but not by choice.[3] Rather, they are omnipotently regulated by an absolute monarch and many other pillars of Statism, such as legislators  who have seen fit to ban tobacco, some street advertising, and even plastic bags.[4]

All this in the name of preserving the traditional culture of short, brutish lives. Purportedly happy lives.

Not unlike their socialist neighbors, much of the legal economy in Bhutan is managed by 5-year plans.[5] Under the rallying cry of stemming the tide of "commercialism" brought on by — presumably — unhappy Western culture, stringent visa requirements prevent many foreigners from even visiting this bastion of happiness.[6]

Natives are legally required to wear Buddhist clothing known as gho and kira and strict regulations prevent many employment opportunities to those not of Bhutanese descent.[7] Thus, few outsiders get to experience this happy lifestyle first hand.[8]

Source: Happiness by Will or by Writ? - Mises Institute


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