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Don't try free-speech at home!

Via InstaPundit, Althouse: "Our avant-gardist artistic establishment... prefers to exercise its anti-bourgeois animus within the coddled purlieus of bourgeois security.".

Now that some Muslims have made it painfully obvious that religion-taunting is not an easy game anymore, abandoning it expresses fear, not respect for religion. And continuing to disrespect the religions that don't lash back only highlights that cowardice.

If Islamists can silence the art establishment, that prides itself on expressing shocking ideas and challenging powers-that-be, I can only imagine the fear that Muslims must be experiencing in countries that are controlled by Islamist dictatorial governments. If non-Muslims majorities living under the protection of powerful western law-and-order machinery cannot stand up to the Islamists, how can we expect Muslims in countries such as Iran, Pakistan, and some  Middle Eastern countries, to express their opinions freely? Every time we get cowed by the threats of Islamists violence and riots, message gets delivered to the oppressed living in those countries: don't try this at home!


The Drill SGT

I agree with your thoughts on how much we don't see the repression of speech and thought in those countries. And of course the MSM will not seek out those un-PC stories.

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