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Australian Uranium exports: Yes to China, No to India

Apparently, Australia trusts the Communist regime in China more than the Democratic one in India! Sure, if China has signed the NPT it must have abided by it and since India hasn't, it must have participated in the proliferation of nuclear weapons! What kind of twisted logic is this where words matter more than actions?
Australia refuses to lift ban on uranium exports to India:

Australia has welcomed a US-India agreement to share nuclear technology but ruled out lifting a ban on uranium exports to India while New Delhi refuses to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

CBC News: Australia opens up uranium sales to China.

Canada's major competitor in the uranium business, Australia, has reached a nuclear safeguards deal with Beijing that opens up the Chinese market to Australian mines.


The Australian Broadcasting Corp. said Monday's deal will ensure that Australian uranium is sold only to power producers and that there are international inspections of Chinese nuclear facilities.


The Comic Project

Proves that aussies are good at 3 things:
1. Winning cricket matches
2. Sledging
3. Hypocrisy bordering on stupidity

The US has atleast something going for it to be arrogant, but the arrogance of this country is ridiculous.

I hope India will not retaliate by refusing to play cricket matches ;-)

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