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French youths and workers protests against the new Employment Law

Link: ZAMAN DAILY NEWSPAPER (2006032031112).

In France, the new labor law French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin refuses to repeal has led many French university students and workers to take their protests to the streets.

De Villepin, aiming at reducing the rate of unemployment after coming to office, told French youth magazine Citato that the act should be given a chance as it can be modified in time.

With a 10 percent unemployment rate, of which 25 percent is comprised of the French youths, France tops European countries.

The new law eases the unemployment for those under-26, but it also gives employers the right to dismiss the workers in the first two years without justification.

I understand if workers protests this law as it is against their vested interests. But why would university students protests against this law?

Are these students so sure that they will get employment inspite of such a rampant unemployment for youths? If they are why are they so worried about getting fired within the first two years? Just doesn't make any sense to me. For university students this law is a really good deal as it will atleast give them a chance for getting a real job instead of being dependent on public welfare. Maybe, that's what is irritating these students! Now they have to work instead of living on the public dole.



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