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March 02, 2006


Chamed Ahlabi

F**K the Communists !!


I think this argument misses part of the point. The situation now is vastly different from when Clinton visited (what with 911, the Iraq war, the Musharaff ascension to power). At that time too, the indian bomb explosions were in the very near past. It would have been hard to impossible for Clinton to strike a nuclear deal with India at that point (especially given that Congress was Republican dominated at that point). At that time also, Pakistan was not important to the US (Clinton severely scolded it on his visit there), so there were no military deals with Pakistan (and consequently no sweetners needed to placate India).

That is why the Clinton and Bush agenda was different. Clinton has a great deal of personal charm as well, which helps a lot.

However, you are correct in that the Left's differing reactions are largely based on matters external to India, that do not impact it.

The CPI in India used to take its marching orders from Moscow. [ In fairness though, the CIA undoubtedly had plenty of assets in India as well during the cold war]


I've been reading The Mitrokhin Archive, and it makes a pretty convincing case that the Communist Party in the US took it's orders from Moscow until quite recently.

I wonder if a similar situation exists in India.


You are absolutely right on the communists.

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