Your tax dollars at work

Bogus Resumes

Link: Businesspundit: Half of All Resumes Are Bogus.

Résumé, a South Burlington, Vt.-based résumé-counseling company, spent six months verifying dates of employment, job titles, and educational background on more than 1,000 résumés, and found that 42.7% had one or more significant errors. The study, which was the company’s first, looked a résumés for positions ranging from entry level to executive.

My wife, who is looking for a job as a software engineer, received calls from many "consultants" who offered to find her a job. After some questioning, they admitted that resume will have to be spied-up a little bit and they will arrange for appropriate people to act as references for her. I guess these people must have been the previous beneficiaries of the "consultancy"!


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