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Sorry for the delay in posting the Blog Mela. I was very busy at work this week and couldn't get around to compile the Mela. Without much further ado, I present the Blog Mela:

Last week, Karthik, at etcetera, has presented the Blog Mela Redux.

Sibin Mohan talks about how the economic situation affects universities, and in particular graduate students, in his post on "The economics of Academics".

He also reviews the wonderful movie, Hazaron Khwahishein Aisi.

Jo presents her first duet, the song Suttum vizhi from the Tamil movie, Ghajini. I am fan of Tamil Music and this one brought back memories at the IIT Chennai. The song is beautifully done and even if you don't understand Tamil, you will still enjoy the beautiful voices of Jo and Meera and ofcourse the beautiful music.

Cynical Nerd dissects the Indo-US nuclear deal and points out that only with a forward-leaning anda bold approach can India break the monopoly on the Uranium supplies.

Jaffna focuses on the Inner Mongolia at the Secular-Right India. 

Nitin Pai, in the Preventing the proliferation of air-conditioner, takes pot-shots at New York Times stunningly clueless editorial on Indo-US nuclear deal.

neelakantan, at interim thoughts..., presents The moped, mobile phone and the micro entrepreneur.

Law Professor Susan Scafidi at Counterfeit Chic, in a post titled, Whose Sari Now?,  talks about how Orissa govt is taking steps to protect its unique and indigenous textile designs.

That's it for this week. Enjoy your weekend. Next week's Blog Mela will be hosted by the Vulturo.



Just one thing -- It is not "her first duet", but "his" first duet. :-)


Thanks for the interesting links. looking forward to the next mela.

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