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An article titled, India's killing fields, by Tavleen Singh in the Indian Express, contains this gem:

To expect farmers to produce crops without irrigation is like expecting Infosys to produce software without computers. Yet we spend less than half per cent of GDP on irrigation. What is wrong with our planners and policy makers?

So, InfoSys is not so great after all! They couldn't have produced software without free computers from our government, could they have? And I am sure the Tavleen Singh would not have been able to write her articles without getting free newsprint from our government. Now, which government department do I apply for free web hosting so that I can become a great blogger?

I am sure government will be able to find money to pay for all these free stuff. Right, Tavleen Singh? Oh! wait a second. She has a plan for this.


Our farmers are so mired in desperate poverty that in supposedly rich states like Punjab and Maharashtra we hear of farmers routinely killing themselves as the only escape. Nothing will change until we see massive investment in agriculture. Governments need to find the money to do this and one way would be privatisation, ...

Isn't that the reason government plans to privatize the government owned PSUs, banks, insurance companies? Yes, that's right! Government is going to "privatize" the public sector business and use the proceed to, guess what, supply raw material, capital goods, land and lest I forget, education freely to everybody. I mean, how else, can one succeed in our chosen businesses?


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