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WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush's national security adviser defended the administration Sunday against accusations that it misled the nation about the need for war with Iraq as Democrats stepped up their attacks on the president's candor.

Stephen Hadley told CNN's "Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer" that those claims were "flat wrong."

"We need to put this debate behind us," he said. "It's unfair to the country. It's unfair to the men and women in uniform risking their lives to make this country safe." . . .

Hadley said the intelligence Bush used for those arguments "was roughly the same intelligence that the Clinton administration saw."

"They drew the conclusion that Saddam Hussein was a threat to peace, that he had weapons of mass destruction. They acted against him militarily in 1998," Hadley said, referring to the administration of Bill Clinton, a Democrat.

If the Democrats really believe in the "Bush lied" theory, why don't they call for impeachment of George Bush? Remember, they are accusing a sitting President of misleading and then rushing the country into an "unnecessary" war against Saddam Hussein! According to them, this unnecessary war has caused the deaths of thousandas of American soldiers and endangered the future security of the country. If they believe the charge to be true, isn't it is their duty to the country and the people to impeach the President? If they are not serious about what the accusations they are making, then people can question their patriotism. How else would you charaterize casually accusing sitting President of lying and misleading the country into a war, right in the middle of it?

Dems cannot say that are avoiding impeachment proceeding because of GOP majority in the Congress. If you are really serious about bringing country's attention to the "lies" of the President, they ought to follow through irrespective of the consequences.

I think President Bush should challenge Dems to impeach him. It is much easier to make baseless charges through media and speeches. They won't bring the impeachment against President Bush because they know they are just playing politics. Even if they do bring impeachment proceedings, it will give the President and the GOP an opportunity and forum to bring out all the relevant statements made by Dems against Saddam Hussein and in support of the war. President should ask them to follow through on their accusations and expose them for what they are: liars!


Chinmay R. Rahalkar

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Hemant Mandpe

The challenge proposed is a direct way to confront. It is obvious that Democrats want to move to impeachment direction. It is highly unlikely in current state; because facts do not support such an action. But to voluntarily feed to the media it's most favored platform, does go against the wisdom.

Joy. D

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