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What's so special about govt, anyway?

While arguing over the role of government in sports here, prompted by my original post on sports, I realized that a lot of people simply take it granted that government needs to get involved. You question that assumption and people call you selfish. They think you are being stingy. They say you are being insensitive to sportspersons (or anybody else for that matter) in need. Well, here is my response to them, originally made as a comment (edited to make context clear):

Alright, the dispute is really about the government role here.

I believe government should not spend money as if it is a charity. Pure and simple. If sportspersons are in bad condition that is not a government's problem. If I wanted to help these people I will help them directly.

What I don't understand is why government is supposed to help these and other sportspersons? You don't expect other organizations, such as, Red Cross, Church, VHP, RSS, Labor Unions, etc., to help these sportspersons. Why? Because these organizations have a specific purpose and it does not fit within their agenda to help them. That doesn't make you selfish.

The same way I feel it is not government's role to help anybody. It is tasked with protecting the country and also protecting its citizens from criminals. It is supposed to maintain law and order. Where in the Constitution does it say that government is a charity organization and it is supposed to help sportsperson? The reason why people expect government to help everybody is because government has easy access to taxpayers money (hey, running out of cash? Just raise the taxes) or soverign credit. Those who ask government to help somebody do not have bear the burden of that charity directly. Hence, all the noise about being self-less. There is nothing self-less about asking government to spend money as long as you are not paying it. You want to act self-less. Spend your own money.

Nobody is stopping you and others to help these sportsperson. I may help some sportspersons if I am interested in their sports. By watching their game, by buying the products they advertise, by buying their books, sending my kids to camps organized by them, and so on. But sorry, I won't do charity. It is below their dignity to ask for such thing and I wouldn't insult them. If they are really good at what they do, they will earn. If not, its too bad. World is full of people who think they work hard and deserve something but they fail to persuade others. Nobody is oblige to help them.


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