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Natwar Singh and Congress party named as beneficiaries by the Volcker Report on the Oil-for-Food Scandal

United Nations and India

Via Instapundit.com -, this update on oil-for-food scam at the UN:

The United States and its allies should threaten to cut the budget of the United Nations if it fails to end corruption and adopt badly needed reforms, the man who led the probe into the U.N. oil-for-food scandal said yesterday.

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul A. Volcker told a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing that he opposed a unilateral U.S. withholding of U.N. dues, but that a "de facto alliance" of nations demanding reform could cut through the world body's "culture of inaction."

The message, he said, should be: "Look, if the organization isn't ready to reform itself, that has budgetary implications."

The Iraq oil-for-food program has proven to be the biggest financial scandal in U.N. history, tarnishing the reputation of Secretary-General Kofi Annan and other top U.N. officials and fueling calls for a complete overhaul of the body's internal oversight and personnel practices.

India is trying to a get a permanent seat at the Security Council of UN. While it is a worthwhile endeavour, I don't understand why India is not demanding accountability at the UN! What's the point of gaining a veto power at a dysfunctional world body, anyway?



What is the point of remaining a member of dysfunctional world body ??


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