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New York Times and corrections

This is getting interesting day by day. See this post Tim Worstall: New York Times Corrections Policy on some very embarassing errors made by various NY Times columinists:

2) Calame was most insistent that corrections must be appended to the specific column in which the error occured. Only in this manner will those using (those few) search engines and archives which carry the Times be able to see it. An errors policy which puts it on a later page, or one that puts the corrections box elsewhere in the paper will not do.

Shouldn't Lexis Nexis and DJ Factiva database demand from NY Times that any corrections be appended to the digital versions of the original articles instead of leaving it to the discretion of NY Times? Even search engines, such as google, can also demand the same thing from NY Times and other sources. Or maybe, google can put an extra tab, "Search in Corrections" on their home page.



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Thanks for your comments. My question was whether Factiva and others actually demand that corrections be made and published by the publishers properly and in a timely manner. And is there any penalty if a publisher does not update Factive about a correction even after posting it on their next edition. From the NY Times behavior it doesn't look like we can trust the publishers to do self-policing.


Glenn Fannick

Factiva (and I suspect other players in our industry) publishes all digital corrections we receive from publishers within minutes of receiving them. Typically these corrections are appended to the articles. So from the moment the correction is made by the publisher, subsequent searches will reveal the corrected article. Factiva subscribers can also search for corrections or be alerted to new corrections as they are received.

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