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How to infer good news from media

Link: Coyote Blog: Update on Iraq.

... but we all know the media has a bias toward negativity that trumps any political biases it might have (after all, your local news station learned long ago that "your kids are happy and healthy, story at 11" is not a very good way to tease the evening news). ... In fact, you can even sort of deduce the successes from the major media coverage.  When the NY Times stops writing about blackouts in Iraq, you know that the electrical system is fixed.  When the WaPo stops writing stories about shortfalls in re-enlistment rates, you can infer that the rates are back up.

There ought to be a blog(s) to monitor when media stops writing about various negative things and infer the good news from them.


Mihir Sambhus

So true! Very interesting concept of having a blog to monitor these deltas in the news to infer positivity!

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