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Email subscription service changes

Many readers of this blog had email subscription through Bloglet.  I have decided to move away from Bloglet, as I did not receive any response from them regarding issues I was facing. Bloglet supports only RSS 1.0 and I had to tinker with my feed just to make it work with Bloglet service. The new service FeedBlitz is much better and integrates nicely with the Feedburner service I use. I have imported all my subscribers into the new service and therefore you will continue to receive regular email updates of my blog. Just make sure your email software does not SPAM filter the emails from this new service. Others can also subscribe to the updates from this blog by entering your email address in the form below.
Thanks once again for reading and subscribing to my blog.

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Hi Ashish,

I wanted to have something other than bloglet ..thanks for telling me about FeedBlitz..hope it works fine.

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