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Yeh, this will scare terrorists

So, according to the BJP, what is an "equally fitting" response to terrorists attack? Protests! Get that, the way to fight terrorism is to protest against it! Can these idiots think beyond bandhs and protests? Does BJP think that there is a All India Terrorists Party that is in power in India or elsewhere that they are protesting against?
Link: The Hindu News Update Service.

Guwahati, July 5. (PTI): BJP president L K Advani today said the party would hold nationwide protests tomorrow over the terrorist attack at the Ram temple in Ayodhya.

"Tomorrow, all over the country we will protest and express anguish over the incident. The form of the protest will be decided later", he told reporters here.

Advani said Ram Janmabhoomi has been a "very sacred place" for the people of the country and the "response to the attack over it should also be equally fitting".


Ashish Hanwadikar

From your comments it looks to me that in Norway everybody is equally poor. A MBA gets the same salary as a plumber and most of the Norwegians can afford only McDonald's food. In US/UK by contrast, even poor will be able to afford decent food (way better than McDonald's).
I don't know much about Norway. I am only going by your comments and post. Also, I heard that there Govt. controls everything. You have to stand in line in front of govt. pharamcy to get even a Tylenol. Is that true?


Norway is rated No.1 in the UN human development index. Noway doesn't have many obscenely rich people like in US or UK. But their poorest are much much well off. A plummber makes the same salary as an MBA at the begining of their careers (approx 15-20lakh rupees/year)


well, he had to do something to prove his point.. Being old this is the best he could come up with...Fighting the terrorists head to head is too risky right? Check out my blog for a post on our politicians obsession with ISI.

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