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Truth in Advertising

Via India Uncut, this gem from Rule 37-D, Prevention of Food Adulteration Rules, 2002 (Taken from Law, Liberty and Livelihood, edited by Parth Shah and Naveen Mandava):

Prohibition of Use of Certain Expressions While Labelling of Edible Oils and Fats: The package, label or the advertisements of edible oils and fats shall not use the expressions Super-Refined, Extra-Refined, Micro-Refined, Double-Refined, Ultra-Refined, Anti-Cholestrol, Cholestrol Fighter, Soothing to Heart, Cholestrol Friendly, Saturated Fat Free or such other expressions which are exaggerations of the quality of the product.

Why not apply the same logic to political parties and the Govt. also? Let's ban "janakalyan", "janata party", "seva", "secularism",  and all other exaggerations about the quality of the service!


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