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June 23, 2005



What is the legal-redressal for an erstwhile individual's public donation property and cause which the government partner is trying to 'demolish' and condemn??


Daryl Sawyer

The bulldozing of ghettos in the name of economic progress ie *exactly* the sort of thing this is intended for. I'm pretty sure that has already happened, though that case didn't reach the Supreme Court.


This is just another incremental step towards a new slave society. You already only rented your property. Failure to pay the yearly taxes would have made that clear to any property owner who doubted such.


Now any big developer can just go lobby his town council to take people's houses...unless the people are rich.

This is simply Robin Hood in reverse...like much government policy lately.

Property rights are the very foundation of our economy and society. Justice Kennedy's concurrence with the socialists/liberals of the Court was truly shameful. This is one of the most important and worst Supreme Court decisions of my lifetime.


Unbelievable,.... am I dreaming?

It's only a matter of time before Bliar thinks this is a great idea too.

I am flabbergasted at this. Everyone might as well rent as opposed to buy as what is the point in ownership if the law says it doesn't really exist?

Despicable bastids.


This is one step toward tyranny. Property right is a bedrock of a capitalistic society; without it, we are on shifty sand of uncertainty.


Me and my dad were talking about this tonight and I was thinking, could the government bulldoze ghettos and make way for new housing developments in the name of economic progress??

The more I think about this decision the scarier it is.

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