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While in the market for an infant car seat, I was surprised to know that National Highway Traffic Safety Administration does not do crash testing for infant car seats. According to the ConsumerSearch:

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration   (NHTSA) has also begun rating car seats, but no crash testing is performed.   Instead, models are graded primarily on ease of installation and instruction-manual   clarity.

The job falls to Consumer Reports:

Consumer Reports earns our highest reviewer rating in this category because   it performs its own independent crash tests.

People who favor Govt. regulations and agencies should explain why Consumer Reports does a better job than the Govt. agency charged with job. Isn't it ironic that the Govt. agency charged with traffic safety chooses to focus on usability issues while a private organization focuses on safety?


Ashish Hanwadikar

It is ironic because Govt.'s main responsibility is safety of its citizen.


Why would it be ironic?

Governments have almost no time horizons, no ability to perform economic calculation, and are inherently unable to prioritize wants beyond their proper sphere.

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