Forcing firms to reveal information is also coercive to consumers
Feedster feed claim


Ashish Hanwadikar

I am not telling people, I am requesting. There is a huge difference. Reason I want to monitor my subscribers and their click-throughs is the same reason why companies want to know what products their customers are buying.

Shivam Vij

How arbit! How can you tell people which feed to use and which feed not to use! This is like the traffic police saying that even though there are three routes to your destination, and none of them is blocked, please use Route No. 3 so that we can monitor the number of people going to that destination.

God bless you!

Ashish Hanwadikar

Did you try bloglines>


Never mind I figured it out. For anyone else interested put as your feed location


I subscribe to your feed using firefox live bookmarks and I couldnt figure out how to do that from the feedburner.

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