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Varnam, points to the Aravind Lavakare's article at Rediff on Jammu and Kashmir's accession to India:
Even after its accession to the Indian Dominion, J&K's internal administration was governed, not by a diktat of New Delhi, but by the Jammu and Kashmir Constitution Act, 1939. It was under this Act that Maharaja Hari Singh appointed his former adversary, Sheikh Abdullah, as the emergency administrator for the state. The appointment was a victory for the people who simply loved Abdullah. He began giving them a large share in the administration of the state's affairs.

... On May 1, 1951, Yuvraj Karan Singh issued a proclamation declaring the convening of a State Constituent Assembly, consisting of representatives of the people on the basis of adult franchise, for framing a Constitution for the state of Jammu and Kashmir. For the purpose of elections to the proposed Constituent Assembly, the state was to be divided into territorial constituencies each with a population of 40,000 or thereabouts.

Elections to the Constituent Assembly were completed by August that year with the idolised Abdullah's National Conference Party simply sweeping the polls. Addressing its first meeting held on October 31 that year, Sheikh Abdullah declared that the assembly's objectives and functions included, inter alia, a reasoned conclusion regarding accession and the future of the state. He enumerated three alternatives: accession to India, accession to Pakistan and complete independence.

The 'Drafting Committee' of the above assembly presented its report on February 12, 1954. Its report, adopted on February 15, 1954, embodied the ratification of the state's accession to India, with 64 of the assembly's strength of 75 voting unanimously while 11 members were absent.

The State Constituent Assembly enacted, on November 17, 1956, a Constitution that is, today, the Constitution of Jammu & Kashmir. It has 158 Sections. Section 3 therein says, 'The State of Jammu and Kashmir is and shall be an integral part of the Union of India.' Section 147 in it prohibits any bill to amend Section 3 from being introduced or moved in either House of the State Legislature.


Deshbondhu Dasgupta

On Musharraf's [allegation of] 'double standards' by West in quake-aid:

"Any aid is donor’ choice, not beggar’s right".

Why should the West help at all, given the Islamic terrorism that Pakistan has supported through Taliban in Afghanistan, and it has been fomenting in its occupied territory of NW-Kashmir that has freely spilt into Britain (London: July 7, Birmingham mid-October as well as 'minority-Muslims’ violent & destructive tantrums' in Paris suburbs); shouldn't UK and other “Western” donor nations help Pakistan only with material-help-on-ground, like food, medicines, tents, blankets and kafans- cloth to bury the dead, but no cash?

Before the quake, the POK has been a cesspool of murderous jihadi fanaticism. Any aid is certain to be used against India. It would give jihadis gleeful delight to use ‘enemy-funds’ to unleash carnage in places like Delhi, like that on 29 October 2005.

Any cash will almost certainly be diverted to Pakistan-sponsored terrorism in the Kashmir valley.

But it is a natural disaster and shouldn’t humanitarian aid take precedence?

Humanitarian aid is for humans. Muslims do not consider non-muslims worthy of any human respect. To Muslims, all non-believer infidels are a fair-game, just ‘jihad-fodder’.

As a people sharing cultural commonalities we have a lot of goodwill but religious politics dampen that spirit and divide the communities. A few months ago in the UK, Sayeeda Warsi from the Conservative party, called these terrorists Freedom Fighters, which she later withdrew, after our arguing that Freedom Fighters do not kill innocent people, like the 12 Hindus killed by Kashmiri terrorists in Rajouri-Jammu taking treacherous advantage of festive charity of Nav-Ratri ‘in holy Ramadan’, just after the quake in Kashmir.

A few weeks before, the world was flabbergasted to hear 'Indian troops helped repair Pakistani Bunkers' --hiding from where the same Pakistanis could and would shoot Indian soldiers. In fact they [helpful Indian soldiers] should be court-marshalled, there is a place and time for humanity, certainly not on a 58-year hot ‘line-of-control’.

“Terrorism is not an ideology,
it is a tool used by the terrorists
to kill for an ideology,
which, veritably is Islam.”

Ali Sina, Iranian ex-Muslim

Will the civilised world ever learn 'never to trust Muslims'?
Guru Govind Singh, 5th Guru of Sikhs

Delhi blasts of 29 October 2005 should open world’s eyes about POK and hopefully, raise India’s security-concerns about the region.
In light of Delhi blasts of 29 October 2005, 3-weeks since Kashmir-quake:

In light of Delhi-blasts by Kashmiri terrorist-outfit shouldn’t India suspend the 50 million US dollars announced and divert this money to the rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pundits and the terrorism-affected Indians in Delhi and elsewhere?

In the Ramadan-beggarly-spirit, Musharraf is asking for alms or ‘khairat’ to repair POK, ‘Haram-ki-loot’ illegally occupied since December 1947:

Given the corruption in Pakistan and billions $$$ of ‘vanished aid’ over past half-century, should any donor offer cash-aid to Pakistan?

In light of the evident ineptitude of Pakistan in 'administering' Occupied Territory' over past 58 years, shouldn't India be trusted with doing this job better?

Anyway, Musharraf has no right to demand aid to repair occupied territory. He should observe UN resolution 76 and vacate the quake-stricken Kashmir-valley [less the Pakistan-planted-Punjabi-speaking ‘refugees’], calling it ‘jihadi-destructive victory’, ---like Saddam did to Kuwait in retreat in 1991…

India should take this opportunity to militarily invade and reclaim the Pak-occupied Kashmir on humanitarian grounds in full sight of the world media & aid-agencies. Israel would have done this on 9 October, on grounds that Pakistan had failed to ‘administer’ and was incapable to rebuild the Occupied Kashmir, quake or not.

India is geographically, logistically and financially better placed to re-build the Kashmir region --on which she has a political claim-- on the billions of $$ in world-aid, [less the Pakistan-planted, Punjabi-speaking ‘refugees’] and simultaneously weed out the terrorist-camps from this ‘earthly paradise’ for world peace!

On KASHMIR earthquake: 08 October 2005

The Kashmir region of South Asia has come into media focus due to recent earthquake on 8 October 2005. But there is colossal ignorance about the Kashmir situation, or even the Kashmir ‘Question’ among the young generation of the 21st century journalists.

Erroneous references (corrections in brackets) to ‘Pak–Administered-Kashmir’(i.e., Pakistan-Occupied-Kashmir), ‘Indo-Pak border’ within Kashmir (line of control) and ‘Indian–Administered-Kashmir’(Indian–State of Jammu and Kashmir, or ‘J&K’) abound and have been misleading the listeners or viewers (corrections in brackets).

“Pakistani Kashmir”, as labelled in BBC-news maps is erroneous and politically such a region couldn't exist. Because Pakistan has only 4 provinces: [West] Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan and NWFP (NorthWest Frontier Province, or ‘Subha-Sarhad’).

Kashmir remains an illegally occupied region even in the eyes of the United Nations.

Pakistan-Occupied (but not –‘administered’) part of Kashmir, or ‘POK’ is actually northwest region of the "Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir" [known as "J&K"]; just like Scotland, England and Wales [Cymru] are parts of Great Britain and ‘Northern’ Ireland is part of UK.

One must recall the political history of the region of past 60 years.

Political history of Indian state of ‘Jammu and Kashmir’ (J&K)

Kashmir was a Hindu Kingdom like Nepal ruled by Rajah Hari Singh, that got populated by immigrant Muslim lumberjacks and labourers over decades. Kashmir’s Regent Prince Karni Singh, son of Hari Singh and Olympic sharpshooter, was a member of Indian National Congress and a cabinet minister in the Indian government for many years. Kashmir had a ruling Hindu class of ‘Pandits’ that has been displaced for fear of genocide through Pakistan-sponsored terrorism in Punjab and J&K since the early ’80s.

At the time of partition of British India on 14-15 August 1947, the states of Junagadh [Gujarat], Hyderabad [Andhra Pradesh, not to be confused with city of Hyderabad in Sindh], J&K and Bahawalpur [Pakistan] were not formally joined with either India or Pakistan. The Nawab of Bahawalpur wished to join progressive and secular India (despite Muslim majority) but was not allowed to do so and Bahawlapuris have been treated as ‘third class citizens’ in Pakistan ever since. Rajah Hari Singh, King of Jammu & Kashmir was bullied to join Pakistan as well, but he did not yield to religious fanatics and held firm (unlike Bahawalpur).

In December 1947, un-uniformed insurgents invaded the unguarded independent state of Nehru’s Jammu and Kashmir by crossing over from Pakistan. Pakistan initially disowned any responsibility for the invasion by ‘mujahideen’: jihadi-insurgents (because they did not wear Pakistani Army uniforms!). The Hindu King of Kashmir requested urgent military assistance from India to defend Kashmir against the invasion and officially merged his Kashmir-kingdom to the Dominion of India, just like 567 other ‘heads of states’, Kings and Nawabs had done in 1946-47.

The ‘instrument of accession’ of Kashmir to India has been unequivocally accepted by the international community including its recognition by the United Nations, [and the blushing, red-faced Madeline Albright (of US) in the ’90s].

Within hours of King Hari Singh’s plea, the Indian forces landed in Srinagar and repelled insurgents to the present line of control. Then in an inexplicable and fateful fit of ‘overconfidence in the unknown’ and against advice of his military commander general Thorat, before repelling the insurgents out of J&K, Kashmiri-‘Pandit’ (the expert!) Nehru declared unilateral ceasefire and approached the United Nations (UN), the greenhorn organisation formed after the end of WWII, a wet-behind-the-ears-body that had yet to prove its mettle and establish its credibility.

‘Hitherto-unconnected-to-invasion’ Pakistan speedily occupied whatever territory India had not reclaimed and celebrated its ‘liberation’ of as ‘Azad’ or free Kashmir. Thus the territory of NorthWest Kashmir left unrescued by Nehru’s India has come to be known as ‘Pakistan Occupied Kashmir’ - POK. Pakistan celebrated liberation of whatever territory India had not reclaimed as ‘Azad’ or free Kashmir and speedily converted it into a military camp. In addition to 100,000 personnel and heavy military hardware permanently deployed in the region, Pakistan has populated the ever-permanent refugee camps with ‘Punjabi-speaking-Kashmiri-refugees’ to parade before unsuspecting Western media and has abused the ‘Kashmir issue’ to usurp huge military aid mainly from paranoid Uncle ‘Satanic’ Sam.

Predictably in clear hindsight, UN passed a resolution No. 76-79 asking Pakistan to withdraw its forces from the Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) and by a subsequent resolution, asked the Indian Government to conduct a plebiscite (referendum) in the state of J&K for its political future. Without any ‘outside interference’, the state of Junagadh was able to join India through peoples’ referendum in a manner similar to the UN-resolution on Kashmir.

While awaiting Pakistan to observe the UN resolution before all Kashmiris could participate in such a plebiscite, India amended its constitution by Article 370 to maintain the Muslim dominant demography of J&K [which has become irrelevant since the quake] while developing the majority of the Kashmir valley into a ‘Honeymooners’ Heaven on earth’ for inland tourism.

Pakistan, on the other hand, converted the mountainous terrain of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir-POK, into a mega-military camp into which billions of dollars of military aid has vanished just like ‘pissing in the sand’. Pakistan calls its occupation as Azad or ‘liberated’ Kashmir and has changed the demography of the region against UN-resolutions by planting Punjabi-speaking “Kashmiri refuges” there perhaps to usurp ‘aid for refugees’ that ends in Islamabad! Pakistan has also tricked the world-media to refer to its occupation as ‘PAK’ or ‘Pak–Administered-Kashmir’, but has done little in way of actually ‘administering’ POK or developing any infrastructure there, apart from the ‘Karakoram highway’ built with funding and expertise from ‘Infidel-communist-regime of China, only for importing military aid from China. It has now become apparent that the situation of these Punjabi-speaking “Kashmiri refuges” had remained unchanged till death-by-quake on 8 October.

In 1962, expansionist China annexed Northeast part, 25% are of the state of J&K calling it ‘Aksai Chin.’ Pandit Nehru’s forces were ill-equipped to fight at the Himalayan altitudes. ‘Not a blade of grass grows there (Laddakh)’ commiserated the ‘Pandit’ [Nehru]. French relinquished Pondicherry on 16 August 1962 and the state of Sikkim in the North-East joined developing and prosperous India on 26 April 1975. Pakistan responded by occupying the independent state of Hunza and declared a unilateral merger. Democracy and theocratic fascism were running in parallel here.

Unfortunately for India, despite decisive military victory in 2 wars that were forced on her in 1965-66 and 1971, successive PMs of India have failed to rescue the POK despite a formidable territorial advantage --including unprecedented 100,000 Pakistani POWs in the 1971 war that liberated Bangladesh (and spilled 10 million Bangla Muslim ‘refugees’ permanently in India).

Distinctive nuclear supremacy during 1974 to 1987 was wasted, unable to influence and terminate the occupation for the same reason. Despite V K Krishna Menon’s 16-hour speech in the UN, successive Indian politicians have been ineffective in going beyond the rhetoric of “J&K is India’s indivisible province” and “no third party would be allowed to mediate on POK issue”. India’s politicians’ petulant attitude and lack of foresight has continuously failed to make Pakistan abide by the UN resolution # 76-79 and withdraw from POK.

It can be argued that the weight of 100,000 armed personnel and heavy military hardware permanently deployed in the region might have destabilised the plate-tectonics, triggering the quake on 8 October 2005.

Kash-mir! The Pakistani ‘dream’ that has turned sour. The boil that Pakistan has kept festering as an excuse to soak up military ‘aid’ from the gullible Uncle ‘Satanic’ Sam and EU.

Saturday, 8 October’s quake has brought home many a truth for the disaster-struck Kashmiris:

(1) POK is nothing but an excuse to (a) distract the Pakistani populace from their plight through the opium of anti-Indian hatred on Kashmir and (b) usurp military (and now ‘humanitarian’) aid from the wider world, ---like a beggar keeping his wound afresh by gnawing at it, to seek more alms.

(2) Pakistanis don’t care for Kashmiris, who have the unfortunate privilege of living like refugees in their own land for nearly 3 generations, ---the fourth died on 8 October…

(3) Ironically, Pakistan has failed to ‘administer’ the Kashmir they allegedly ‘liberated’ –or rather were ‘allowed to keep’ by Pandit Nehru 57 years ago; while Pakistani diplomacy has cleverly succeeded in coining the term ‘Indian-administered Kashmir’ for the remnant ‘Indian state of J&K’ through repetition and lobbying over the years!

The fact however remains that the whole of the state of ‘Jammu & Kashmir’ is as Indian as Kosovo is Serbian, Guam American and Northern-Ireland of ‘United to Kingdom’ with Great Britain’, if not more.

This is not prepared by/for any political party/group.

These are historic facts and objective observations of ‘secular’ citizens "living in a contemporary, modern civilized world”.

Deshbondhu Dasgupta
Northampton NN1 1SX

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