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Ashish Hanwadikar

I am not doing auto-forwarding from blogspot to the new blog site. But I changed my blog description in Blogger and mentioned that my blog has moved to the new site. Advantage here is that blog description is also visible to those who have subscribed to my RSS feeds. Also, I added a post at my old blogsite about the move. I used and TLB ecosystem to find all those who have linked to me and sent the email about the move. Most were kind enough to update their blogroll and bookmarks. Pretty soon, I am back to my original ranking in the TLB system. I submitted changes to various search engines and directories and they were updated in a week or so.


Just curious. how easy was it for you to port your blog over to typepad ? I am thinking mainly of:

1. old posts and comments
2. any rankings in places like the Ecosystem etc
3. I am guessing you don't do auto-forwarding from blogspot. Did you just rely on people to find their way to the new site ?

thanks ! I am considering doing the same thing myself.


I am liking TypePad very much so far! I wonder if the Basic Plan is adequate though! I was able to use the TypeList (with display notes options for links) to add variety of HTML and javascript code. But is there any value in moving to the Plus or Pro plan because they allow access to templates?


Welcome to TypePad, isn't it a great software? I've been blogging with TypePad for 17 months and I love it.


I am not familiar with WordPress? Will I need bring my own hosting or does WordPress has equivalent to TypePad's managed hosting?

Fine James

Why not switch to WordPress?


if you are willing to hardwire your own MT account on a domain, thats definitely better. I prefer paying up and using Typepad and concentrate on my writing instead (although you do get tempted to upgrade to higher levels within Typepad)


Patrix, which is better: the Basic TypePad account or the getting your own domain and using the Movable Type?


Ashish, as a Typepad user I can tell you that, the monthly subscription is worth it if you are a serious blogger. If you think you might be blogging for at least a year, go for it. A neat and professional look always makes fine writing look better.



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