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Self-ownership and poverty

AnarCapLib has a very good post on Libertarian belief of total self-ownership. The post points out potential of allowing unrestricted sale of body organs for eradicating the poverty:
The collateral one – any reader of economics knows that the presence of collateral reduces interest rates for everyone. The legalization of sale of body organs provides every human being an instant collateral worth (at the very least) around Rs. 50,000. (1 kidney + 1 eye + a sliver of the liver + some blood). Women would be valued more because of the possibility of usage as surrogate mothers.

Not only that. What about allowing unrestricted sale of body parts after the death? This will help poor people to raise loans against an agreement to give body parts after their death. Imagine the potential of this to eradicate the poverty. Poor people will be able to enjoy their life while they are alive in return for almost no cost to them. It will also increase the availability of organs like eyes to those in the need.


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