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Carnival of the Vanities #115

Welcome to the 115th edition of the Carnival of the Vanities. I started this blog with great enthusiasm and desire to share my views with others. For almost a year I used to regularly take part in various Yahoo! groups related to politics, Indian affairs, economics etc. But many discussions turned into personal attacks as there is no accountability on discussion groups. Anybody with email can shoot off an post. There is no ownership of ideas and views and hence very little responsibility. After much frustration I discovered blogs and quickly fell in love with them. COTV (and its offsprings) turned out to be great vehicle for getting a decent viewership. I also discovered a lot of blogs through COTV that I now regularly visit.

I am very excited to host and present 115th edition of COTV.

Global warming is a hot topic. With environmentalists hyping the Global warming debate with doomsday scenarios, I agree with Mark that "But when it comes to public policy on global warming, cooler heads need to prevail."

Shanti Mangala does not take kindly to Arundhati Roy for her call to people to 'become the Iraqi resistance'. And Sandeep confers the title of "The Protector of Big Terrorists" on Arundhati Roy.

What will useful idiots like Jonathan Demme, director of the conspiracy theory remake The Manchurian Candidate, do without conspiracy theories?

On The Flexibility of Bush Hatred, Karol Sheinin says that Bush is both an evil genius and an idiot, according to his detractors.

Setting The World To Rights says that some schoolteachers have insanely reversed the meanings of 'secular' and 'religious'.

From Nikita, "The Prime Minister of the Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, poisoned his opponent for President, Viktor Yushchenko - and then rigged the election itself - as exposed in just-released telephone transcripts."

Tom Boyle tries to unravel the case of a Washington woman who died in a hospital after being injected with a disinfectant during a routine procedure.

Jon Hyman says, "SOAS is having a nice caring and balanced debate about the Palestinian question. Well "caring and sharing" if you think Israel deserves to be washed into the sea that is...".

On Taken In Hand, DeeMarie argues that while feminism may have done some good in the past, it has gone way too far and has damaged people's ability to create exciting intimate relationships. Feisty stuff!

Rob Findlay prophesies that the Christian-conservatives will go for one of the minor third parties once they "realize" that the core of the Republic party does not share the "moral values" with them.

Annie Gottlieb says, "It's really killing the MSM (in this case, CNN) and many of their viewers that we're persevering, and winning, in Iraq at the level of the individual soldier . . . "

Kiril feels that as a Macedonian, and a film lover, it was his duty, and responsibility to the Ancestral Peeps, to see what Oliver Stone has done to the Great One & his story.

Mad House Madman feels trapped in his white coat tackling delicate responsibilities of making life-and-death decisions as a medical resident.

"It Wasn't Always Just Kitties." - A semi-recent history of pet ownership at Chez Elisson - and for once, we're not talking about cats and dogs. That nutty Elisson...who else would write a reggae dirge to mourn the death of a hamster?

Dissecting Leftism has some fun with a blogger who tries to prove that America is becoming Fascist.

Political Correctness Watch says that the Boscov's department store chain is anti-Christmas.

Education Watch looks at the claim that home-schoolers are child-abusers.

Gun Watch says that it was a lack of guns that caused the deaths of six hunters in Wisconsin.

Socialized Medicine has another example of the lack of compassion in public medicine.

Wicked Thoughts has conclusive proof that conservatives are not dumber than Leftists.

In an excellent satirical entry, Peter bares his plan to celebrate the World AIDS Day in the (un)usual way.

Shubh discusses American offer of Patriot Missiles to India and alerts readers to a June '04 60 minutes story which claimed these missiles are completely ineffective, so much so that they frequently even shoot down friendly aircraft.

Bill Adams attempts last word on Red States vs. Blue States -- shouldn't those colors be reversed, anyway?

A kidnapping in Corona, California evokes memories of the Kitty Genovese killing in NY. Nobody did anything to stop that killing, and it seems we have learned nothing, since no one did anything to hinder the kidnapping.

After the fight at the Pacers/Pistons game, Josh Cohen opines on where things might have gone wrong, and what would posess a person to fight an NBA player anyway.

A somewhat sad and humorous look at the state of the American holiday season, followed by a whimsical prediction of how it may evolve in the future given the current momentum.

Warren Meyer looks at some potentially entertaining candidates to replace Dan Rather, at least more entertaining than who they probably will pick to replace him.

[A] half-Korean Filipino woman named Jennifer Lee is searching for her father by posing nude for nudie publications.

The Raving Atheist and three other godless bloggers continue their interview with author Sam Harris ("The End of Faith") about meditation and the pros and cons of guru-worship.

A nice winter's tail, um... tale to get people in the holiday spirit.

In response to a question on what the greatest long-term threat is to the United States, David Mobley argues that it's several wrong attitudes we have which make us especially vulnerable to terrorism and other threats. I guess the same is true of many democracies such as India, Israel and others.

"You can't offer both guns and butter if you don't have the money to pay for both of them. The choice is guns or butter". Since, neither choice is realistic for Democrats and Republicans, Dale Franks would rather have the Federal government in the guns business and leave butter to the states.

"Dowd appears not to have come to a genuine acceptance - not even today - of the results of the most recent election and what those results actually mean in a Democracy." - says Mahatma in Maureen Dowd Is In Denial.

Using alcohol as an example, Paul Noonan examines how regulation has stifled the development of recreational drugs (as opposed to the healing kind).

Tim is using the proven incompetence of the bureaucrats of the European Union to argue for its destruction.

"White House to NY TIMES: You Have to Play Fair if You Want to Play" -- Vik agrees, it's about time.

Pieter Dorsman discusses why the Dutch are not tolerant but rather pragmatic.

Charlie Quidnunc reads the political blogosphere so you don't have to. Miss a day of posts? No worries, just listen to his Rip N' Read Blogger Podcast. Here's the one for Nov. 30th.

The Watcher of Weasels is not impressed with Dan Rather's "retirement".

Duane lashes out at the lunatic nanny-state plans of, well, children's Minister in UK.

King of Fools takes a look at the history of three ornaments on their Christmas tree.

La Shawn alerts black conservatives to the forthcoming attacks from Emboldened White Liberals!

A review of Tom Wolfe's new novel, "I am Charlotte Simmons" by Michael.

Update: Somehow Solomon's submission, "The International Jew", got lost by blogger's comment system. By comparing the book descriptions at both sites, he concludes that while Amazon is selling the book for its historic value without endorsing the contents, IslamiCity's motive in selling the book seems to be quite different.

Another update: Damn! The blogger's comment system really sucks. It's time I complete long-pending transition to Haloscan's comment system. So here is another entry that was lost by blogger. In Shoring Up Democracy, Nathan praises the Bush administration efforts to encourage democracy in the former Soviet Union.

Yet another update: To add to my misery, Yahoo! Mail thought some of the COTV submissions as a spam and filtered them into the "Bulk" folder. So hopefuly, this should the last update.

A quiet moment reminds Brian of a sonnet.

Eric Strough has some thoughts on the reform of student government at Michigan State University.

And Spirit Fingers says, adopting a tough attitude often requires one to dress the part, and fortunately there are accessories that make this task easier.

From The Zero Boss, ": No one would've reacted rationally if we'd told them it was just a *little* Satanism..."


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