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Bush won the debate on National Security

I always sensed that Sept. 11 changed many people in US. I know because I was one of those who changed! The TV scenes of the collapsing towers took my breath away. The speech delivered by Bush on Sept. 20th, 2001 had a tremendous impact on me. I developed a tremendous respect for him which continues to this day. I think he has a good long-term vision and patience and determination to carry through that inspite of short-term difficulties.

US presidential debate on foriegn policy between Bush and Kerry illustrated contrasting philosophies: old popularity and consensus based traditional approach and bold new vision to take the fight to the terrorists. And Bush showed he desevered a special place in history.

The points made their are applicable not just to US situation but also to India and rest of the democratic world. Because far too many people wish believe wrongly that root cause of terrorism lies in tyranny of western imperalism or zionism and so on. They fail to understand the real nature of terrorism and how yesteryears strategies designed to fight wars between nations in a previous era cannot be reused now. Most imporantly, if we stick to the same old mindset we stand to lose this war on terrorism spectacularly. Deterrence, national soverignty, accomodation with dictators and appeasement will bring us short-term peace but it will also give terrorists enough dark place to breed and equip themselves.

The essay Eject! Eject! Eject!: DETERRENCE, Part 1 by Bill Whittle expresses similar sentiments but in much more eloquent way! Read the whole thing!


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