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John Kerry's Global Test and UNSCAM

John Kerry plays Who wants to be the President?

Kerry Spot points to this excerpt from Fox New's "Special Report" of 9/27:
The president is bracing for attacks from Senator Kerry and will be ready. And one aide said the president might raise the matter of Senator Kerry's shifting positions by asking as they did on a famous quiz show, 'Is that your final answer?'
Here's how John Kerry will play Who wants to be the President?: Q: Do you think removal of Saddam Hussein by US has made us safer? Options: 1) Safer 2) Less safe 3) Maybe 4) All of the above (depending upon the day of the week)

I bet John Kerry will use up all the three lifelines: a) Poll the audience (his favorite), 2) 50/50, 3) Phone-a-Friend (Bill Clinton?) before answering "4) All of the above".

John Kerry's flip-flopping and his excuses are illustrated perfectly by this post at powerline.

Update: Checkout ScrappleFace's take on 2nd Presidential debate.


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