Negative externalities in employer paid health insurance
Everybody loses in restricting trade

Healthcare insurance costs and mandates

NCPA has a study on how healthcare insurance costs are going up because of various state mandates:
States simply can?t keep their hands off health insurance. For 40 years they increasingly have tried to micromanage health coverage, and premiums have ballooned as a result, say the Council for Affordable Health Insurance?s (CAHI) Victoria Craig Bunce and J.P. Wiese.

Just consider the explosion of state mandates (a requirement that an insurance company or health plan cover (or offer coverage for) health care providers, benefits and patient populations that health coverage might not normally provide.

* In some markets, mandated benefits increase the cost of health coverage as much as 45 percent.
* In 1965, only seven benefits were mandated by the states; today, CAHI has identified 1,823 mandated benefits and providers nationwide.
* In January alone, CAHI followed the introduction of 295 new mandates in states.

Brad DeLong has a post analyzing Kerry's proposal on healthcare.


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