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Threaten to send troops to Iraq to get hostages released

Abductors are asking countries to abundan Iraq in return for safety of hostages. Instead, we should threaten to send troops if hostages are not released.

Every time a country backs down from Iraq to ensure safety of their citizens held as hostages by militants militants feel enboldened. It has almost become a ritual and it all started with retreat of Spain after the Madriad train bombing. An Egyptian was freed following a pledge from his Saudi employer to stop doing business in Iraq and a Filipino trucker was released when Manila withdrew its small military contingent. An Egyptian diplomat was kidnapped recently in order to force Egypt to abandon any plans to help Iraq build security. Seven men -- three Indians, three Kenyans and an Egyptian were taken hostage in order to stop Kuwaiti company from doing business in Iraq!

There is only solution to this atrocity: threaten militants with sending troops to Iraq if they don't release the hostages. There is no point in playing their game. Let's seige some initiative and upper hand in this struggle!


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